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The online course platform that takes its time

One School, Two Options

NEED is the platform that takes its time and adapts to your personal and professional rhythm of life.
  – NEED FLE to learn French at any level, from A1 to C2 and to prepare for the DELF and DALF exams
  – NEED + to acquire new skills and validate a certification. A Bachelor’s degree in different professional fields, currently sought after in the world of work.

A SCHOOL that offers you a French-speaking space with meetings and exchanges.
You will be able to follow a practical and professional training course and seminars onsite in the city we are located in : TOURS. Get prepared for your stay in the Indre-et-Loire region of France !

Option No. 1: NEED FLE

Learn French, on site or remotely

Need to learn French or improve your language skills to work in France or abroad? Depending on your level and your needs, we adapt our curriculum to obtain the results you want to achieve.

Option No. 2 : NEED +

Put an extra asset in your resume with FEDE diplomas in different fields, all Bachelor degrees.

Pursue your BAC +2 or resume training in professional life. You will be able to choose between tourism, marketing, communication, finance and management as your field of study.

Our Platform

To prepare your arrival and evolution on the job market, or your return to France; we have at your disposal an online platform for your courses, exercises and interactions with teachers and colleagues.

Certifications & Partners

Sometimes, to know who we are, we have to look at our surroundings. Fortunately, we are well surrounded and recommended.

The scientific board

In order to offer qualitative and up-to-date courses, a Scientific Council composed of experienced and recognized academics in the field of research supervises the teaching team and your success.

Tests in French and English

To find out your level in foreign languages and find out which course is best suited to your level.

"Tourism" Option

Are you planning a trip to France and are you planning to visit some particular places?
Learn to enjoy your stay even more!

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