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Our Values


The “New European Digital School” or Nouvelle École Européenne Digitale (NEED) was born from the merger between a higher education school specialized in training for National Education diplomas in the commercial and tourism sectors and experienced instructors specialized in French as a foreign language. We wished to unite our knowledge and pedagogical practices to offer original and complete learning paths.

Systematically introducing the learning of foreign languages into vocational training and orienting the learning of French as a foreign language towards a wide range of specialties.
Your instructors and interlocutors are all experienced, all of them have had a career in a company or are still working, FLE specialists have worked for at least five years abroad. They are DELF/DALF qualified.

Thought travels at the speed of aspiration

Malcolm de Chazal

Our strengths

We assume that not all people learn at the same speed.
On the other hand, most of us do not have a homogeneous time. These considerations led us to design the platform without any time constraints. The idea is “to learn at my own pace, when I want, where I want, at full speed or by taking my time. I have the right to be either the hare or the tortoise of the Fable”. The important thing is to reach one’s goal.
In practice, it is simple, the learner comes on the platform when he/she wants or when he/she can, he/she devotes to his work the time he/she has chosen. He/she can go back if he/she needs to, redo the exercises and only moves on to the next level to reach a new objective when the first one is reached, and he/she has passed the tests, exercises and other quizzes.

Diplomas or Certificates
The trainings we offer are all leading to diplomas or certificates delivered by higher authorities (the French National Education for France or the European Federation of Schools – FEDE for European certifications).

We offer learners the possibility of completing their language training with a professional path, or specific French or specialization (modules of 60 to 120 hours indicative) with the possibility of passing an official certification. Some of them are registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP is what confers the recognition of the French State).
In this way, we offer to combine knowledge and experience.

Quality instructors
All of them have an average of 15 years of experience, whether in the field of FLE or cultural and professional complements.
All FLE teachers have more than five years of teaching experience abroad and are certified by France Education Internationale (ex CIEP), the reference organization for DELF and DALF.
They all have at least a level 1 diploma, Bac + 5 or giving right to 300 or 420 European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).
Finally NEED FLE relies on a School (ETS) which has a good experience in the field of professional training and work-linked training (theoretical part at the School, practical part in companies).

Our vision of the course

The New European Digital School (NEED) is a distance learning platform subdivided into two departments, NEED +, which specializes in higher education and offers training courses to prepare for Bachelor’s degrees and Masters and NEED FLE which, as its name indicates in french : Français Langue Étrangère, is dedicated to learning French (French as a Foreign Language).

Our objective in creating this tool is to provide quality teaching, with an emphasis on classical learning: for the French as a foreign language part, we insist on grammar, conjugation and syntax. A language is obviously used to communicate, but it is also a means of exchanging ideas, concepts, knowledge or points of view. It is also a means of getting in touch with a different mentality, socio-cultural practices.
This is why we have decided to structure our French language courses by combining them with other subjects, such as literature and philosophy, human sciences and history, current affairs and economics. We want our learners to speak correct French, to reach the best possible level and to receive additional teaching to refine their training and lead them to greater ease and autonomy.

NEED + is based firstly on a school specialized in the preparation for BTS and Bachelors essentially in sandwich courses which exists since 1983, then on the resources of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE).

Our vision of learning has led us to structure our platform with an emphasis on flexibility and modularity.

With NEED no time frame, only goals to achieve, it’s up to you to take the time you need. In other words, when you sign up, your subscription will last until you succeed.

Hervé Thizy

Hervé Thizy

NEED's Director