Your Bachelor’s degree
training online

Complete your Bachelor’s degree at your own pace, but still with in-person exams and seminars.

Our e-learning platform

To prepare your entrance and evolution on the job market, we have at your disposal an online platform for your courses, exercises and interactions with teachers and colleagues.

Benefits of the training

You follow a training program at your own pace, according to your availability and you have the possibility of taking the entire exam during one of the 3 sessions of the year or taking a few subjects at each session.

Other advantages: face-to-face seminars to help you prepare for your exams, whether for the written or oral tests

The exam sessions take place in January, June and October.

Our philosophy

Need is the platform that takes its time and lets you follow the courses whenever you can, in reading, audio or video formats!

We give you the flexibility to follow your training at your own pace and keep the human aspect in consideration in a distance learning on your favorite digital devices by offering you the possibility of exchanges with our speakers for the Bachelor.

Our experience

The members of the NEED team have many years of professional experience in their field of expertise, in training and in teaching.

The Scientific Council in place supports the pedagogical team in order to guarantee the quality of the courses that are offered on our online course platform.

I use the platform all the time

On computer, tablet or phone, I log in every chance I get!

Anne, NEED Student


You may have questions, here are the most frequently asked ones.

However, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

When does the year start?

The year starts with you! There is no start of the school year. You start your year whenever you want and can progress as fast as you want with online courses.

What are the class schedules?

You set your own hours, independently. There are no calls or attendance checks.

How long do I have to complete the bachelor's degree (BAC+3)?

There are no deadlines. You can validate your BAC +3 in 2 years or in 6 months.

So it's 100% remote?

The courses are in distance learning. Seminars are included in the training and take place in Tours (Indre-et-Loire). The exams will take place in a FEDE approved exam center (NEED) or at a distance, online. Fees are included in the course.

Is there an age limit to register?

No, there are no age limits. Our training courses also serve to strengthen CVs and thus gain new responsibilities and expertise for people who already have a professional life.

When will I have access to the online platform?

There is a delay of about 48 hours (working days) between the payment and the reception of the access codes for the platform. This delay is due to an administrative reason, it is necessary to create and manage the new student profile. Once you have received your access codes, you can start your courses without further delay.

The quality of the courses

We are fortunate to be accompanied by a scientific council that guarantees the quality of the courses you will take.

An international nature

NEED is a school based in Tours that operates internationally. It is also a school specialized in French as a Foreign Language.

Your classes start now!

No need to wait until school starts.