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Are you ready?


This section is intended for all students, for individual courses and also for group leaders interested in international programs.
Our goal is to help and guide you towards a unique program that provides everyone with a fascinating international immersion experience!


Step 1: Projecting yourself

You bring your ideas, your wishes and we provide our expertise.

Tell us what you want to do, in order to guide you:

a language course to learn the basics of French

a language course to improve your language skills

a language course to specialize in French

prepare a DELF exam

prepare a competition in your country

do a work placement or volunteer work

take an international program to obtain credits at your home university

to start studies in France


With this information, we can discuss together which program best suits your expectations.

In the current context, and due to mobility restrictions, the first step for your international experience is a virtual international program.

This will help you prepare and you will be ready when mobility is possible again!


Step 2: Define your project

We will work together on the different options through virtual interviews or emails.


Step 3: Placement test

It is important to confirm your language level for the program you have chosen with a placement test.


Step 4: Choosing a course

At this stage, we will provide you with all the necessary advice for your registration, the modalities of your course and finally your stay in France.

We will provide you with the necessary documents such as the registration certificate, and help you choose your accommodation.


Step 5: Let’s get started!

Everything is ready! You made the right choice!

Because of the mobility restrictions linked to Covid-19, I invite you to choose now a virtual program to start your international project.

And as soon as it will be possible, you will be able to continue your project as you defined it!

Step 1: Projecting yourself

You bring your ideas, your wishes, your questions and we provide our expertise.
Tell us what you expect, what you want for your students and we do the rest!


Step 2: Project Discussion

Contact by email or video conference to coordinate the program.


Step 3: Information before starting up!

All information concerning schedules, program, registration and accommodation will be communicated.


Step 4: On-site coordination

Upon your arrival, a member of our team will take care of all the details of your program.


Step 5: End of Program

An evaluation of the program will be sent to the students and an assessment will be made.

Have you found what you need? Any ideas? We offer you the following courses:

I want to learn French (Level A1 to C1) : https://need-tours.com/produit/apprendre-le-francais/
I want to prepare the DELF or the DALF: https://need-tours.com/produit/preparer-le-delf-ou-le-dalf/
I want to prepare a specific French Certificatehttps://need-tours.com/produit/preparer-un-certificat-de-francais/