Bachelor’s Degree – Communication


– Analyze a situation in communication ;
– Develop and implement a communication plan ;
– To know how to build a global communication strategy, by mixing online and off-line means;
– To master the means of communication of the companies except advertising;
– To master the communication processes;
– To set up an operational event on the economic and communication level by integrating information and communication technologies;
– To know the legal bases governing communication actions;
– To develop a network.

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In an environment where the stakes of a good visibility are essential for the development of a company or a brand, having within its team a professional in communication strategy able to carry out actions in different fields is essential.
The company will be able to rely on this communicator to differentiate itself from the competition and capture an audience or clientele to whom its message or product will speak. To do this, it will be necessary to be present at specific events, to juggle with all digital media, to have the ability to process information and to organize targeted actions.
The communications sector offers rich and varied career prospects because it cuts across all professional sectors and concerns all types of organizations. Relational qualities and the ability to adapt are thus major assets of the communication professional.