Bachelor’s Degree Digital Marketing


– Understanding the digital ecosystem and developing the company thanks to digital levers;
– To master the technical, marketing and communication aspects of the Web in order to develop and deploy the company’s digital marketing strategy;
– Use digital tools to implement an effective social media presence strategy;
– Set up action plans to optimize customer satisfaction;
– Maximize the performance of each of the acquisition levers;
– Analyze and optimize the user experience;
– Manage a team and work as a team, within the framework of a web project management ;
– To be force of proposal, to innovate.

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Driven both by technological developments and by new uses, digital marketing has evolved to adapt to the expectations and needs of Internet users and now includes all marketing practices that use web media and supports. Whatever the size of the company, its field of activity, or the number of its employees, a digital marketing strategy is a must to guarantee positioning and visibility over the long term. This training course prepares operational professionals, mastering both business and technical aspects, to capitalize on new practices and anticipate future technologies and developments and thus become experts in the creation, implementation and management of digital marketing strategies in a B to B (Business to Business) or B to C (Business to Customer) environment.