Bachelor’s Degree in Management and SME Management


– Communicate within the company and develop external communication ;
– To monitor management indicators and write summary documents;
– Calculate intermediate management balances and profitability ratios;
– Build cash flow forecasts;
– Understand in-depth accounting and accounting auditing in order to guide the company’s outlook ;
– Apply the fundamentals of corporate accounting and legal formalities;
– To set up a strategic management and to accompany the operational management;
– Understand and implement a Human Resources policy.

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Whether in the commercial or distribution sector, the competitive and dynamic aspects of this sector offer stimulating career prospects alongside the managers of SMEs. Extended management and leadership skills are the two fundamental axes that will contribute to the orientation and monitoring of the company's strategy.
These managerial administrative positions require analytical and decision-making skills based on extensive and specialized knowledge in accounting and tax management, corporate communication, human resources and business management.
While autonomy and flexibility are qualities appreciated in business, it will be necessary to be able to build an efficient organization conducive to the development and sustainability of the company.