Bachelor’s Degree SPA Business Management


– Master the spa environment;
– Understand the local challenges and assets of spas;
– To know the rules of hygiene and safety of the sector;
– To follow the financial activity of the establishment;
– To develop the activity through investment;
– Develop care protocols;
– To set up the recruitment ;
– Accompany the teams and skills;
– Manage a team and its relationships;
– Develop the commercial offer;
– To set up communication actions on various supports;
– Organize events.

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Well-being tourism is a booming sector: the spa, which used to be a real luxury product, has become more and more popular in recent years to become accessible to all, leading to a significant diversification of the proposed offer. The European and international strategic stakes of the spa universe imply a structuring and a professionalization of the sector.
This sector is in search of specific profiles, with strong management and marketing skills, with expertise in care practices. More broadly, a good knowledge of the environment and the international context of the spa and wellness universe will enrich their outlook on the economic development prospects of the structure within which they will exercise their talents.