Bachelor’s Degree – Supply Chain


Objectives : 
– Know how to negotiate purchases ;
– To set up a sourcing process;
– To know how to propose a procurement program;
– To know the tools to optimize stocks;
– To know how to optimize the organization of the store;
– To know the various methods of planning and bases of scheduling;
– To know the approaches of transport modes and operators and the regulatory sources.

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Supply Chain Management consists in optimizing all the resources, means, methods and tools in order to efficiently pilot the process of the flows circulating within the organization. Digital technology has strongly impacted this sector, leading to the integration of numerous IT tools developing a more global approach to logistics management. The hyper-localization of warehouses, online sales, the use of drones or connected glasses, automation, collaboration, visibility, interconnectivity are at the heart of SC challenges. The European Supply Chain Bachelor's degree promotes the mastery of solid operational skills that are transferable to many sectors of activity such as distribution, industry, transport and services.