Bachelor’s Degree – Communication and Advertising


Objectives :
– Acquire theoretical knowledge and practical applications in order to pilot the management and development of the brand image of a company or its products ;
– To develop skills in the creation of communication, marketing and digital strategies for companies and organizations;
– Elaborate and propose a communication campaign by creating tools inherent to the communication strategy (communication plan, market research, mediaplanning, communication measurement tools etc…);
– Acquire the knowledge and know-how essential to the integration of the training preparing for the European Master’s degree in Communication specializing in advertising strategy and digital communication.

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The European Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Advertising offers students a complete training in communication and advertising. It enables them to acquire the fundamental bases for the exercise of their future profession. The European Bachelor's degree in Communication and Advertising proposes both a theoretical and practical approach to communication and advertising, as well as a compulsory professional simulation in order to allow students to apply the knowledge transmitted in the CUs and thus prepare themselves for their entry into professional life. It emphasizes the role played by new technologies in today's society. The specialization in advertising allows a precise knowledge of the universe and history of advertising. It gives access to a psychological, sociological and technical approach to the creative process, which is essential to evolve in the advertising sector.