Bachelor’s Degree Transport and Logistics


-Manage global supply chain operations;
– To master the concepts inherent to the supply chain;
– To master the legal, technical and commercial fields of transport;
– Work with multicultural teams at European and global levels;
– Optimize delivery times and transport cost management;
– Ensure the safety of people and goods (products, merchandise).

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The development of processes related to global supply chain management is carried out in a context of globalization of flows and taking into account environmental constraints. Optimal management of the supply chain is an essential strategic axis for the company, in a particularly competitive context.
The European Bachelor's degree in Transport and Logistics prepares future professionals to optimize flows, to be proactive and reactive, by mastering all the tools and concepts inherent to the supply chain.
In addition to the transport and distribution sectors, the logistics professional can work in the following departments
specialized large and medium sized companies in industry and services.